St Mary's & Old Parish Church linked with Teviot & Roberton

St Mary's & Old Parish Church linked with Teviot & Roberton

St Mary’s & Old Parish Church

The Church and its Buildings

St Mary's & Old Parish Church

St. Mary’s and Old Parish Church is the product of a happy and successful union in 1989. It is one of five Church of Scotland congregations within the town. It has its own clearly defined parish although the membership is scattered throughout the town and rural Teviot valley. There has been a church on the site of St Mary’s and Old Kirk since 1215. The present building, originally St. Mary’s Church, was built about 1780 and restored after a fire in 1883. The White Kirk, set on a knoll overlooking the town centre, is one of the most famous local landmarks, widely featured on post cards and calendars. In recognition of this, it is floodlit at various times of the year.

The unique appearance on the outside is matched by a warm and friendly ambience on the inside. The post Reformation shape brings everyone together. The shape of the church is also known as a long wall church. The church itself is contained within a breath taking high, oak barrel shaped ceiling. Historically the church contains the family crypt of the Dukes of Buccleuch, whilst the ancient curfew bell is still rung every night at 8pm from the bell tower. Many children have grown up in the West End of Hawick knowing that when the 8 o’clock bell resounded over the town it was time to go home! It has also been a special privilege for many Teries (people born in Hawick) over the centuries past to be born whilst the bells of St. Mary’s tolled.

The church hall, previously the hall of the Old Parish Church, is about 300 metres from the church and is used by the Guild and uniformed organisations. It consists of a large hall where badminton is played and larger functions held, with two smaller halls and a kitchen. There is also a flat above the halls which is currently unoccupied. Another small hall on two floors, closer to the church, is used by the Junior Church and for meetings of the Kirk Session and various committees.

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